Science for Life – BiotechProfSchleuning

BiotechProfSchleuning acts as an independent investment agency with a high degree of specialization on companies in the healthcare sector. We offer institutional investors and high net worth private clients exclusive partnerships for company investments.

With our investments we achieve well above average returns. We reduce risks through our unique scientific approach in the selection process.

Our investments are a bridge to the future for the selected companies and promote sustainable healthcare concepts.

The scientific approach of BiotechProfSchleuning

BiotechProfSchleuning is specialized in partnering with institutional investors and private clients to invest in biopharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology companies. We deliver highly profitable investment concepts over the entire life cycle of the investment process with a particular focus on cost efficiency for our partners. A technologically sophisticated multilevel risk management system ensures calculable risks and above-average returns.

Our organizational structure enables short decision-making paths and a rapid response to changing market conditions with the benefit of high transparency for our customers. We will be pleased to provide detailed information in personal conversation.

Scientists and analysts

Our carefully selected team of first-class international scientists and top specialist analysts are available to review and assess diverse research activities and clinical trial results, as well as the progress of associated financial investments.

Science for Life - this is what we support with our investments

BiotechProfSchleuning – The investment agency for equity holdings in biotechnology. We focus on no more than 10 companies with the highest product quality and quality assurance standards worldwide. We have filtered these for you in a multi-stage process from more than 1500 biopharmaceutical companies worldwide according to a selected list of criteria. They have then been analyzed and reviewed by our scientific team according to the probability of success of their processes and products.