Prof. Dr. Christian Schleuning

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You cannot look into the future, but you can lay the foundation for something in the future – because future can be built.


If the interests of capital no longer coincide with the interests of the nation, that is, of the people, let it give way to another structure.

Both quotes come from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1900-44), French aviator and writer. They are more topical than ever. With the expertise of our scientists, your investments generate good returns and serve people at the same time.

Things have changed in recent times. The ordinary person off the street now instinctively knows why Healthcare has become so important. For everyone, all over the world, without exception. But what hasn’t changed are the risks in this market. Put simply, it’s about developing a medicine and ultimately bringing it to market. Quite simple and a risky venture. What has also changed significantly is the perception of biotech since the pandemic. Biotech has become the “superhero” now and for many years to come. This is not an “on-off-play”, not a “quick euro”, this is sustainable. That’s why so many investors, large and small, are extremely interested in this.

There are still so many untreated diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s, and many new methods like RNA technology which is currently taking us forward in vaccines, or the big topic of “antibodies” in oncology. They all took 20-30 years (!) to be developed but are now ready for use and starting to bear their first fruits. You can perhaps guess what the pitfalls of an investment here are from the point of view of the wrong timing alone. It can be a total loss.

This market is very, very complex. You have to understand the actual science, you have to follow and understand the evolution of the science, you have to calculate and know the probabilities so that in the end a product comes to the market. There are hundreds of companies out there developing drugs, medicines, active ingredients, and few reach the target. And if it does reach phase 3 of approval – which, to put it simply, is the last step before approval – by then hundreds of millions of dollars have often already been invested, perhaps burned – depending on how it turns out.

If it goes well, as is currently the case with BioNTech or Moderna, everything pays off. Then these previously small biotech companies are suddenly worth billions of dollars. But it is a long way until then, and who knows which science will prevail?
And this is where we come in, when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff. More than 80% of our resources and the entire man-woman power is put into the analysis, research, evaluation of the science and its probability of success. This is the crux of what sets us apart from the many, many other investment firms. In the end, it’s the science that decides, not the commercial or business metrics. That’s why I’m proud of our highly specialized science team, and I’m happy if you’re also passionate about science and research, for the benefit of people, and ultimately, of course, for your own profit.

I look forward meeting you.

Yours sincerely Christian Schleuning
-Prof. Dr. C. Schleuning, Founder-