Our responsibility

Sensible investments for a healthy future

Indispensable - the guiding principle

The ESG criteria (Environment, Social, Governance) form the basis of our actions.

Unique - the perspective

That is new. The scientific approach in evaluating the progress of biopharmaceutical companies in process and product developments distinguishes us from conventional evaluation methods and decisively increases our success rate.

We change the perspective. We use a 360 degree platform to provide indepth analysis. For us, companies do not only consist of a past-oriented balance sheet. We look at the people who make up the company and see their passion and commitment. We see what they create for our collective future. All of this through the support of a top-tier scientific team.

Thoughtful - the analysis

Our science specialists scan through 1,500 biotech companies according to pre-defined core criteria. About 15 to 30 companies are left hanging in the net. We subject these companies to a deeper examination: again we assess the science and additionally perform a first commercial examination. About 3 to 8 companies remain.

We then establish direct contact with the remaining companies. They are subjected to a deep, intensive scientific analysis by our Advisory Board as well as by other external specialists. Statistical/mathematical methods are used to calculate different scenarios for the probability of success of their products.

The commercial side of the companies are also examined in this phase – in addition to many other business aspects – primarily in terms of past and future financing.

This is followed by the decision: Invest – yes or no and if – in which amount. If the data is very convincing, contact and a direct investment with corresponding possibilities to influence the company (direction/policy/?) is sough.

Sustainable - the strategy

Biotech Prof. Schleuning invests exclusively in carefully selected biopharmaceutical medium-sized companies with products based on stage III in the FDA approval process. This is the only way to reduce risks in a highly volatile market and to achieve successful returns in the short to medium term. We focus on the innovations that have a positive impact on our common future in the healthcare sector and can already demonstrate an entrepreneurial track record with innovative processes and products.